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Point of Sale

  • POS and Integrations for Food Services & Cafes, BookstoresEvents, etc.
  • Payment Options include
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Student ID
    • Gift Cards
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Apple, Samsung, Google Pay
    • and many others
  • Parent Portal funding and convenient Cash Card Loading
  • Technology Products Sales and Lending & Repairs
  • Textbook Sales and Rentals
  • Mobile - Events, Food Trucks, etc.
  • Integrated with
    • SIS (Student Information Systems) & Financials
    • Student IDs
    • E-Commerce
    • Off-Campus Merchants
    • Integrated time clock (Track employee time)

Hardware POS Options

  • All-in-One
  • Mobile
  • Kiosk
  • Barcode Reader
  • Touchscreen
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Mobile Solutions

  • Ordering/Mobile Screen
  • Waitlist
  • Web Store
  • Mobile Payments
  • Mobile Credentials (Student ID)

Information Security

  • Encrypted in-transit and at-rest
  • P2PE-Validated/PCI-Compliant
  • Role-based Security Levels
  • Password and/or Biometric Security
  • Protected student Information
  • Secure Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid Hosting
  • Facial Recognition
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Test and Production Sites
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Central Inventory Management

  • Automated re-ordering
  • PO Approval Flow Management
  • Tablet-Centric
  • Scheduled Cycle Counts
  • Kit Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Barcode Printing
  • Shelf Tags
  • Promotions/Discounts
  • E-Commerce Integrated
  • Manage Across Multiple Sites

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Campus Payments

  • Payment screen on mobile device
  • FERPA and NACHA compliant
  • Integrates with nearly all payment gateways
  • Interactive Parent Portal
  • Recurring Payments (Payment Plans)
  • Payment Methods
    • Credit Cards
    • ACH
    • Checks
    • Cash
    • etc.
  • Online Payment, Self-Pay Kiosks, Mobile App

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          • Integrate all your campus systems
          • Student Information Systems (SIS)
          • Payroll
          • HRMS
          • ERP
          • Financial & Accounting
          • Mobile Credentials/Student ID
          • Single Sign On (SSO)
          • Other 3rd Party Systems

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Mobile Tracking

  • Mobile App Tracks Attendance
  • Additional Features Coming Soon

Vaccination Tracking/Verification

  • Track Covid and other vaccinations and link them directly to your SIS

Integrated Reporting

  • Customizable & Robust Dashboards
  • Export to CSV, Excel, or PDF
  • Schedule Reports by Email or FTP Servers
  • 700 Standard Reports
  • Automated Reporting

Learn more about Centralized Reporting


24/7 Support Available
Servicing US & Canada

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Mobile Grading

  • Measure performance
    • Fair
    • Repeatable
    • Indisputable

Learn more about Mobile Grading >


Biometric Time &

SchoolVision offers customizable clock and
credit hour based programs
and a new way to manage student attendance
and credit hours
Learn more about Biometric tools >

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