Integrate All Your Data Seamlessly

While many systems promise seamless data integration, SchoolVision delivers with a comprehensive API infrastructure that is both proven and adaptive. Leveraging 20 years experience integrating systems campus-wide, SchoolVision’s API suite can integrate a new system quickly while not risking the existing connections that are already established and working. Rather than customizing code for each new system, SchoolVision bundles and connects elements so that when upgrades occur to any component, your systems stay up and running -- and fully integrated.

Student Information Systems (SIS)

With integrations to major SIS systems such as Anthology CampusNexus Student, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague and PeopleSoft, your campus has never been so connected. Whether a student enrolls or graduates or goes on leave, SchoolVision is updated automatically in real time. When a student can use their financial aid funds to make payments, SchoolVision can seamlessly handle that transaction. And when your school needs to know that all the books and materials have made it to your student’s hands, their purchases will already be noted in your SIS through our integration.


Payroll, HRMS, ERP, Financials & Accounting

When your school implements a comprehensive back-office solution, your point of sale and inventory management system should seamlessly integrate with it. SchoolVision will synchronize ordering, inventory, department charges, stored-value liabilities, and daily deposits & sales with your general ledger using your custom GL chart of accounts and its parameterized mapping system.

3rd Party & Off-Campus Point of Sale

Capture transactions and commissions anywhere your students make purchases. From parking, vending, and laundry to off-campus restaurants, every transaction can be charged to their campus account via the SchoolVision integration suite. If the data cannot be integrated directly, a tablet can be added to redeem the transaction and provide the merchant an easy interface for reconciliation.


Identification Card Printing Systems

Many schools charge for identification cards, replacement cards, bus passes and more. What if your point-of-sale system was integrated and could automatically load the student information into your card identification system, lookup whether a student had received a card before, invalidate any existing card when a new one was produced, and update the student information system with the latest information about that students ID card? SchoolVision can do all this automatically through its integrations with leading card printing systems.