Our Company 

In 2001, Ted Therriault founded DBBuilder, Inc. initially to provide flexible database solutions that could be custom configured by multi-location business owners under-served by current offerings. Ted Therriault holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Puget Sound. Finding a niche in the franchise beauty market, DBBuilder launched its first product—GuestVision—to provide an all-in-one solution for salons like SuperCuts and Fantastic Sams.

In 2006, GuestVision broadened its market to include beauty schools, subsequently building products that revolutionized their operations including the first biometric timeclock with compliant messaging and the first electronic dispensary management system tied to a point of sale. Today, GuestVision—rebranded SchoolVision—is the largest point-of-sale and timeclock provider to cosmetology, esthetics and massage schools.

In 2009, the market also drove GuestVision to a new frontier: military barbershops. Now the largest provider of systems to the Army, Air Force and Marines for on-base barbershops, GuestVision has been invited to a number of new projects that—similar to its barbershop software—provide kiosks, “apps,” and tracking systems to minimize waiting time and maximize service and satisfaction across healthcare, education and general services to soldiers, Marines and their dependents.

In 2015, GuestVision added rubric-based evaluations to its education toolkit enabling schools not only to evaluate their students, but students to evaluate their institutions. This tool now has applications far beyond beauty or education to “secret shoppers,” franchise operators, trade associations, and inspectors/evaluators charged with consistency in grading relatively subjective activities or businesses.

Over the past 5 years, GuestVision has become a broader product line, including SchoolVision and ServiceVision to deliver the expertise in transactions, inventory, time and service management that have long been our hallmark. SchoolVision has broadened the focus of the education product line to all schools from K-12, to universities and career colleges, to technical schools and community colleges. In ServiceVision, waiting time, attendance and satisfaction are seamlessly tracked for government, military and healthcare institutions. Across our three product lines, the keys of reliable technology, flexible customization and legendary service continue to be key to every customer relationship.

As we look to the future, partnering with the right customers, associations, distributors and industry experts will be a primary mechanism to increase awareness, build adoption and drive ROI higher for our clients. Every transaction is a partnership. We are excited to partner with you.