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Top Features to look for in a timeclock system

Posted by SM Pack on Oct 24, 2018 4:06:43 PM

Clock in clock out systems

A clock-in clock-out system is a timeclock platform that allows businesses to monitor time and attendance. These systems calculate work hours, break times, and overtime hours. Traditionally timeclock systems were comprised of a hardware clock that employees would manually insert their time card into and the hardware would stamp the time onto it. With the advent of technology and the web, there are ample options to consider when investing in a timeclock system. This post will cover the current timeclock options available to help you decide which one is best for your needs depends.


Modern timeclock systems are digital software platforms that use a device to transact and record one's attendance. Below are several types of timeclocks that allow schools and businesses to track their time. 

  • Web-based: Direct log in to a website to clock in and out.
  • Mobile: Mobile apps that track location with GPS and photo capture features.
  • Kiosk: Web based mobile terminal from where users can clock in and out . These apps are ideal for small offices that require several employees to punch into a single time clock.
  • Bio-metrics: A digital version of the timeclock, these devices have extra clock in and clock out methods like a biometric fingerprint, RFID, and facial recognition. The devices are tamper proof and prevent buddy punching. They also help in access control and can also  connect to magnetic locks or door bolts for enhanced security. 

There are PROS and CONS to each of the aforementioned types of timeclocks. 

  • Is buddy punching a huge problem in your company?
  • Does my team need access to mobile since they are on the field all day? If so do I need photo capture and geofencing?
  • Would a simple clock in clock out kiosk solve my time clock problems?
  • What is it that I am looking to solve with a time clock?

Features to consider when choosing a Timeclock system:

Core features to look for with any timeclock system:

  • Mobile apps
  • Web access with permissions
  • Solid reporting engine
  • Customized time periods with locked access
  • Support and documentation
  • Time calculator that supports work hour, break hour and overtime calculations.
  • Project based tracking
  • Individualized messaging to ensure optimal communication


Having an employee self-service portal will ensure that data is easily available to all employees in your company. This will ensure that you every has access to their timesheets and can request for corrections before the payroll period. This means no last minute rush and no confusion before payroll.


SchoolVision has one of the most powerful dynamic reporting features in the industry. With over 300 built in reports available, you can dynamically create more than 10,000 different report formats from a single view. SchoolVision also makes reporting easy with a CSV download option. 


Any timeclock system should offer great customer support. A dedicated service staff and online tools that are updated often will ensure that you have all the timeclock features to get you started using industry standards.

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