Sustainability with Universal POS

SchoolVision’s POS for Cafeterias is designed to address every aspect of your cafeteria operation for an optimal level of efficiency. Combined with our other solutions, schools and institutions at any level can take a step closer to achieving their goals. Our software provides a full suite of tools to manage front and back office systems from point of sale to digital menus, accounting, employee management, inventory control, and more.

Simple Employee Management

SchoolVision’s Cafeteria Point of Sale makes it easy to grant custom administrative access to any of your employees. Set schedules, monitor arrival times, and track employee performance. Keep engaged with your employees even when you’re not present through your remote login access.

Custom Inventory Management

SchoolVision Inventory keeps you on top of your cafeteria inventory in real-time. Track inventory by ingredient, schedule meal preps, and manage vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease. Our suite of modules is the standard in back office inventory accounting and production management.


Features that Grow with Your School
Cloud Based & Local Access

Continue sales when the internet goes down and login from anywhere to access your reporting and data.

Simple & Supported

Run transactions and easily manage your back end with a user-friendly interface designed to run your school better, and with 24/7  Customer support

Accept All Payment Types

Process credit, debit, and EBT payments and integrate with leading information management systems

Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

Gain access to a wealth of tools that give your business an advantage, with greater analytics for smarter decision making.


POS + More

Designed by top Food Service Directors & Business Managers,our software is guaranteed to meet your specific needs.

  • Increase Sales
  • Speed Up Lines
  • Free Up Staff
  • In Depth Reporting


Food Cost Accounting

Our suite of modules is the standard in back office inventory accounting and production management.

  • Inventory Control
  • Menu Planning
  • Cost Tracking
  • Purchasing


Biometric Solutions

SchoolVision Biometrics offer the most secure, cost effective and reliable method of identification on the market.

  • POS Identification
  • Time & Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Inventory/Asset Control

Get Social with Digital Menuboards

Transform your TV monitor to share important information, and turn unwanted waiting time into valued learning time. The school cafeteria line is a great opportunity to demonstrate how current technology and imagery can engage your students and faculty like never before.  

  • Display daily lunch menus, pricing, nutrition
  • Weekly & Monthly Calendars
  • Upcoming events & Reminders
  • Customized to your needs

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