Customer-Centric Point of Sale

The first rule of retail has always been “Know thy customer.” In schools, customers expect you to know them better than anywhere. Your students, staff and faculty expect that you remember everything: what they bought, what they paid for it, what their receipt said, what serial number an item had, what contract they signed and what promotions they are eligible for wherever they interact with your on-campus or online commerce systems.

Hybrid, Cloud or On-Premise POS

Our hybrid POS system offers the best of all worlds. Want to run entirely in the cloud? You can! Need off-line mode when the Internet fails? You bet! Still need to run everything on-premise but want options for the future? For sure!



In the post-Covid world, “contactless” transactions protect your customers and your employees. With SchoolVision’s configurable kiosk engine, self-check-out has never been easier or more secure.



Powered by BigCommerce®, SchoolVision’s integrated e-commerce solution means you no longer have two separate inventories or pricelists to manage online and in-store—just one that stays constantly in sync and keeps your customers informed and able to buy whenever, wherever they choose.


Campus ID

In SchoolVision, the complete history of each customer is a click away, not only from the store where you work, but from any point on campus, and even online. Every student can be identified by their campus card or student ID, as can faculty and staff, whether it's RFID, a magnetic stripe or simply a barcode.

Biometric Security

Fingerprint readers at the register are faster than a password and can help you track every interaction from who rang up each sale and who counted each inventory record to each report that was run. With Covid-protecting SteelCoat readers, you need not sacrifice security while you protect your employees.


Go Green with eReceipts by Text or Email

While printed receipts are always possible, SchoolVision makes it easy to receive your receipt electronically and save paper. Every receipt includes a barcode for easy lookup at any SchoolVision POS on campus. Include custom marketing and surveys that are only a click away—which increases redemption by up to 10 times.

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Food Service

Food service has specialized demands including perishable inventory, meal plan payments, “flex dollars,” menu boards, allergen alerts, kitchen displays, and more. Look to SchoolVision’s specialized Food Service Edition to learn more about how we can support your dining hall, coffee shop, concessions, food trucks, vending and more.

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Technology Products

When you sell a new laptop or tablet these days, it’s not enough to know the model that was purchased—you need to know every detail about that purchase: What was the serial number to track the warranty, what software was custom installed to confirm license keys and fulfillment, when can it be traded in, repaired or replaced? With SchoolVision’s customizable Question & Answer interface, each item you need to know will be captured during the sale. Further, the information it captures can be sent to back-office systems like the Apple School Manager.

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Textbooks & Supplies

Textbooks have seen as much transformation as any part of a campus in the last decade with many schools outsourcing textbook fulfillment, moving to online textbooks, and self-publishing custom content for courses. SchoolVision integrates with textbook systems as well as many leading outsource solutions. Whichever direction your campus takes, SchoolVision will be there to support and grow with you.

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Retail Flexibility Across Campus

From books, to burgers, to Birkenstocks, SchoolVision POS handles it all, including serialized inventory like textbooks, laptops, add-ons like extra cheese on your burger and sizing for clothes and shoes. A busy coffee shop needs a streamlined interface for the quickest transactions while your tech store may need to capture more information about software installations, repairs and upgrades to a MacBook. With over a dozen interfaces, SchoolVision matches the right transaction flow to your needs.

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Passes, Fees & IDs

When identification and passes vary each time you sell them, you need to keep track of who received which pass, which ID, or paid which fee so that other systems on campus can be fully informed. With SchoolVision, that information is captured at the point of sale and, in the case of the ID card printing solutions, the badge and pass numbers are automatically tracked when the printing occurs.
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Lending & Repairs

Technology sales are often the highest revenue of any on campus and along with technology sales come repair requests and equipment loaners. Tracking a repair ticket, keeping the customer informed about the status of their repair, and matching the repair to the loaner equipment issued to the customer are all built into SchoolVision.

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Services Scheduling, Pricing & Billing

Schools provide some services and facilities that are billed by the hour or by the service, often without any inventory involved. Services also are often billed days before or after they are performed and are priced based on time-estimate that may need correction. Further, pre-scheduling services means booking resources and staff to ensure availability. SchoolVision has a built-in, full-featured services engine that manages all of these requirements as well as online booking, electronic confirmation alerts, and after-service surveys.
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Vending Integration

SchoolVision integrates with leading cellular-connected vending machine interface companies to provide seamless data from vending DEX files and integrated payments anywhere you deploy vending machines.