Show your stuff with a Digital Menuboard

SchoolVision’s Digital Menuboard is a simple to use, powerful web-based solution for displaying services, prices, promotions, and more. Publish menus to a single display or to hundreds anywhere in the world.

Save money updating your menus or printing posters for promotions.  Easily change menus daily or anytime you feel necessary.  Retain customers and attract a new audience

 Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Digital menu boards influence customers while they wait, improve ambiance and are easy to read. Updates to menu selection, pricing and specials can be dynamically updated and integrated with your branding. 




Customize Your Branding & Identity

A customized salon display allows you to choose which services are available to guests.  Add your cosmetology school logo to make it on-brand.

Optimize Your Options with the Latest Trends

Digital Menu boards give guests the opportunity to see the latest trends in hair styling and the industry's top products, promoting your school's talent and influencing professional appeal to the public.   



Show off your best side.

Boost inspiration and business- show your salon's services to everyone while they wait.  Digital Menu boards make hair styles and trends look good from any angle. 



Schedule Digital menu boards to change with you. 

SchoolVision enables you to easily setup menus for all your requirements and schedule them to change where and when you wish.  Operate different promotions at different times during the day and different days of the week. As you move from mornings to afternoons or day to day, your digital menu boards will automatically change; no more rotating posters or swapping menu boards.