Equipment Tracking

Accurately track the equipment your school depends upon with a reliable software system.

Controlled Checkout

Gain accountability and protect your inventory with a secure employee & student checkout solution. SchoolVision provides functionality to manage the process for temporary usage of items.

  • Check-in/checkout items 
  • Biometrics for enhanced security
  • Track items in use
Centralized Visibility

Track beyond highly valuable individual items; SchoolVision can also track and manage multi-quantity assets for streamlined and efficient inventory management. Examples include:

  • Classroom PCs 
  • Student Tablets; ipads, Chrome books
  • Multi-media items, Cameras, TVs, etc. 
  • Binned items


Biometrics for Efficient Tracking

The price your institution pays for lost, damaged, and unused equipment adds up quickly. Eliminate setbacks by efficiently tracking the equipment your school relies on with a simple and effective cloud-based platform. Allow any user in your organization to track equipment status, location, and repair, as well as current and past check outs. 

Give your organization the power to efficiently track items from the time they are issued until they are returned. SchoolVision simplifies the process by also allowing you to transfer equipment between locations. All of the necessary software and hardware components needed to manage equipment found in your schools's environment are incorporated into SchoolVision biometrics.

  • Promote employee and student accountability 
  • Reduce misplaced equipment 
  • Streamline company policies and procedures
  • Manage information from any place, any time with cloud based access
  • Ensure the appropriate equipment is ready for the next use
  • Eliminate manual data entry into the computer


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