Integrate Your School

Integration is key when selecting a mission-critical technology for your school. The functionality a new system brings is only half the value it should deliver. Implementing a software that works with the systems you already have in place will help reduce, rather than multiply, the effort, time, cost and errors in managing information across your schools. SchoolVision includes an integration suite that connects to other departmental and back-office systems: accounting/financials, payroll, school management and student information systems (SMS/SIS).

Connect current systems...

Even systems that SchoolVision could replace, for instance an inventory system in an auto shop or a cafeteria POS, SchoolVision can often integrate with back-office systems to allow a graduated migration while maximizing the efficiency of your school through the SchoolVision Integration Platform.

School Management System Integration

SchoolVision seamlessly integrates with many school management systems, eliminating the need for double entry and decreasing the opportunity for errors. Schools save a lot of time with SchoolVision's assistance tracking student account information, statuses and grades.

Designed for Multi-Campus

SchoolVision's Central Office allows you to administer changes, view daily business and collect reports for all school locations from the main office. Student, instructor and clients records are accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Centralized, Automatic Reporting

Managing a school is hard enough. Administrators, staff members, faculty and even students, shouldn’t have to work to receive the information they need. By integrating not only information from the SchoolVision platform but also information from other back-office systems, SchoolVision’s automatic reporting delivers everything from dashboards to detailed reports whenever, and to whomever is set. Imagine never having to request a report of student hours to date again: it just appears in your inbox, automatically.

Send summaries, but keep the details

Many schools track less detail than they would like because their back-office system is too remote or cannot hold the level of detail they generate. SchoolVision eliminates this dilemma by keeping careful track of every item—attendance records, point of sale transactions, grading by rubric, and inventory movement—at levels that other systems do not require for their function. These details will always be available, and auditable, in SchoolVision while not cluttering your other systems or creating multiple systems to update when one of these details changes.