Warehouse & Multi-Channel

When you have more than one location, your inventory complexity multiplies. Warehousing for multiple locations can help ease overstocking and lower costs by buying in bulk but only if the customer can find the product on the shelf. Wouldn’t it be nice if your software knew which products you should warehouse, which you should direct ship to your stores, when and in what quantity? SchoolVision can! When one store has too much and one has too little, wouldn’t it be nice if the computer automatically set up a transfer order for you? SchoolVision can! Want to always know when an out-of-stock item is coming in? With SchoolVision, you will!

E-Commerce Shipping & Curbside Pick-Up

With an Amazon-fueled, Covid-aware retail world, your customers expect online ordering to be seamless and contactless pick-up to be quick and accurate. SchoolVision turns these new demands into potential profit-centers by integrating fulfillment packing ticketing, intelligent upselling, in-the-box “bounceback” discounts, and automatic fulfillment integration with shipping services, to ensure your customers keep buying from you with all the benefits they have come to expect.


Educational Discounts & Software Compliance

Compliance doesn’t end with financial aid or accounting: Purchasing and fulfillment need to stay aware and enforce the latest standards from software providers like Microsoft & Adobe and educational discounts from manufacturers like Apple & Dell. With direct integration to leading compliance management services and integrated SIS-powered identification checking, you will stay compliant and never turn qualified business away.

Bundles, Clearance & Promotions

When you have too much of a given item, or its seasonal demand window has passed, vendor returns are often not an option. Rather, your inventory management system should alert you and suggest promotions to help clear out the inventory. By identifying those items that are consumable, bundles of multiple items at a discount can drive higher demand. Clearance of those items nearing their pull date or end-of-shelf space should also be automated to encourage buyers even off-season.


E-Commerce Aware Shelf-Tags

Shoppers are always comparison shopping and many stay hyper-informed about not just price but ingredients, specifications, and all the other details of an item. Whether customers are in-store or online, SchoolVision presents them with a QR-code-enabled shelf-tag system that is continually updated to match the current prices and give all the information they are looking for along with promotions and upsells. The system designs can turn the pickiest consumer into your biggest fan. With SchoolVision’s automatic scheduling engine, all new shelf tags will be emailed every morning to the stores email box and be ready to print. SchoolVision also integrates electronic shelf-tag systems to provide over-the-air updates as well.


Integrated Barcode Printing

When an item is received or when an inventory stock count is taken, SchoolVision can automatically generate barcode labels for those items that are identified as needing or allowing barcode labels to be affixed. This automation helps confirm that the receiving or stock-take count is accurate because the number of labels printed should match the physical units in hand. SKUs are also less likely to fluctuate for the same product when a manufacturer changes product packaging for size or season, for example, because your SchoolVision generated barcode will be the same number while the UPC code on the box may change. With perishable or limited time items, SchoolVision’s labels visually indicate when an item was received to easily remove those items that are out-of-date from the shelf to be sold at a discount or returned to the vendor.