Inventory Tracking Tailored to Your Institution

SchoolVision Inventory provides software, hardware, and support for the most complete solution available from a software platform.



Say Goodbye to Spread Sheets & Cards.

Automated Check-In/Check-Out with Biometrics

Easily track checkout status, location, and return time. SchoolVision Biometrics allows you to assign responsibility to employees, staff, administrators and students. Checking in items releases end user responsibility and allows items to be reallocated throughout your organization.


Multiple Modules. Endless Possibilities.




Intelligent Tracking

SchoolVision provides insight into the life cycle of your inventory and empowers you to make strategic decisions for your organization. Generate accurate sales, inventory and custom insight reports to make better business decisions.



Facility Management

Manage large quantities of similar items with a single barcode to expedite record keeping and compliance checks. Manage your inventory in real-time across multiple sales-channels, multiple warehouses, and in multiple currencies.

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Funds Compliance

Maintain compliance on funding with SchoolVision's custom reports. Easily manage awarded funds, payments, and disbursements with SchoolVision Point Of Sale, and  capture all the data necessary to comply with state and federal laws for 90/10 monitoring. Track items purchased with funding using our Inventory module. 


Vendors & Customers

Keep all your customer and supplier data in one place, complete with purchase histories and customer-specific insights with Universal Point of Sale.



Equipment Manager

Increase efficiency & security of access procedures for equipment and eliminate issues of lost or damaged items with  SchoolVision biometrics.  




Biometrics for Secure Access 

Role-based security permission enables you to choose who sees secured information and tracks check-in/ check outs for students, staff, and faculty.

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Automated inventory tracking with barcode scanners and mobile devices tailored to everyone's needs.


Simplify and automate purchases with automatic routing of requests and assignment of work orders to optimize resource allocation and eliminate task redundancy.


Customized inventory management software with pre-formatted forms and fields, automatic data backup, easy updates, and cost savings in hardware, software & IT support.


Choose who sees secured information and grant access to locked areas. Integrates with existing systems to streamline your school's operations.


Serialized Inventory

Track inventory with recurrent servicing and high-liability, such as iPads, chrome books, PCs, course related items like lab chemicals, equipment, or medication contents that are quantified in serialized inventory.

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Perpetual Inventory

Quantity to be consumed or used such as  medication bottles & pills, product, and more.

Track material that is consumed over time, like chemical drums and rolls of paper.

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Batch Lot Inventory

Track inventory with expiration dates, such as food, medical supplies, chemistry lab chemicals, etc. Batch–lot inventory tracking also enables you to track date codes and lot codes associated with those items. 



Track anything that you would issue out, but not receive. For example, track and issue man hours and currency, sales quotes, orders, and invoices.




Real Time Benefits with Impressive Results.


Easy-to-use Interface

All your organization’s  inventory data made accessible, adaptable, and reliable.




Role Based Security

Save time by managing user accounts, permissions, and security settings in one place. Double authentication security enables you to grant custom access rights for each user.



Customized Data

Quickly find exactly what you need with smart views and search features. Create and save custom views that are specific to your needs and share them across the organization.


Detailed Reporting

Choose a standard report from our library or build our own. Compile and visualize data that keeps you informed about your organization.

Track Inventory Anywhere On Nearly Any Device

Performing scan-intensive transactions just got easier with mobile tracking on Windows devices. SchoolVision’s mobile flexibility helps you and your team stay connected and up-to-date on all your inventory activity wherever you go.


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