Automate & Integrate Your Inventory

Everyone knows that the items you sell need to be tracked, but so do the items you use, lend and repair. Where most inventory systems only handle the stock that you receive and sell, SchoolVision helps to manage everything in one system: From ingredients in your dining hall, to parking passes in the security office, to loaner laptops while your customer’s laptop is in for repair.

Tablet-Centric Inventory Counting

Tablets with a barcode scanner remain the most efficient, cost-effective way to count inventory. That’s why SchoolVision includes an inventory counting system designed just for tablets. You could spend more on a handheld computer that just does inventory. Instead, when you’re done counting for the day, the SchoolVision inventory tablet can be docked to act as an extra point of sale terminal or can be a roving point of sale station to reduce the waiting time in line or to lookup items for consumers.


Scheduled Cycle Counts

To optimize your efforts, Cycle Counts calculate how often an item is sold, used or shrunk with how often it is counted. Unfortunately, Cycle Counts are often hard to plan and most stores revert to a count by line, by department or a once-in-a-while whole store count. No more! When you set up the Cycle Count system in SchoolVision, specify how often you want each type of product counted (by month, quarter, year, etc.) and how many hours you have per day of the week to count inventory, and voila - SchoolVision delivers you a new Cycle Count schedule for each day, planned a month ahead of time, and sends the daily count list by email or to the inventory count tablet interface. When your inventory count person starts their day, they just need to count the items on their tablet. And, you’ll know that every item you need to count is being counted as often as its sales and usage warrants.


Automated Target Setting

Take your inventory to the next level with automated target setting for each item. It not only replenishes the stock you need, but integrates the demands of incoming students, the schedule of school events and holidays, seasonality and perishability to optimize your days-in-stock and your Gross Margin Return On Investment (GMROI).

Vendor-Optimized Ordering & Receiving

With recent shipping delays and cost overruns, you need an inventory system now more then ever that understands availability and matches your product needs by calculating how long it will take your vendor to ship them, freight costs, and minimum order amounts, all while keeping your overstock and vendor return costs as low as possible.


Student & Staff Bills of Materials & Kits

Schools are uniquely able to predict demand for certain items like textbooks & course supplies based on the upcoming quarter/semester enrollments by program, course and activity. Through SchoolVision’s integration with leading Student Information Systems (SIS), SchoolVision can match each student’s enrollment to the predicted demand for each item their courses require. Further, kits for specialized programs like nursing can be pre-assembled from items before students arrive to purchase them. Then it’s just one bundle package, at a bundled price, keeps the inventory of each item intact, but only requires a single product lookup at the point of sale.