Grading made easy.

SchoolVision frees cosmetology instructors from the traditional grade book with mobile grading. Get more accurate and comprehensive grading with automated integrations, mobile capabilities, and web-based access.



Web-based & Mobile-friendly

  With web-based and mobile capability, SchoolVision allows teachers to access and update student grades from anywhere.  Access in real-time from a mobile device, tablet or personal computer update grades on the spot: in the classroom, on the floor, or out in the field.  


Unlimited Capacity & Flexibility

With unlimited storage and the capacity to personalize metrics, SchoolVision can tackle anything from the simplest to the most complex grading needs. Our flexible system can manage an unlimited number of gradable procedures, multiple tiers of sub-procedures, rubric analysis, and metric entry.



Rubric Grading & Grade book

Guide curriculum and learning with rubric grading.  Allow cosmetology instructors to set the criteria for cosmetology exams, tests, and lessons.  Accurately measure individual performance with comprehensive grade books that provide a 360 view of the student's complete academic history.


SMS Integration Ready 


Post summary grades to existing school management systems while maintaining details of each grade in SchoolVision. Save valuable time and resources with the SchoolVision integration for grading and regain the hours spent by faculty manually re-entering grades.



Designed for Multi-Campus Salon Schools.

SchoolVision’s unifying rubrics and scoring methodologies help grading stay consistent across instructors, classes, and campuses.  Prevent grading discrepancies and ensure transparency with the GradeVision module.  



Any way you need to measure...

Customize your grading to fit the needs of every cosmetology instructor, course, or program with flexibility to assign weights, determine competencies and measure student progress with a timed or module-based grade. 


Set Competency Levels



Assign Weights



Time & Module Based Exams



Anything you need to measure...

From general academic coursework to competency-based technical exams to student self-evaluations, SchoolVision can accommodate.



Every campus can share grading standards...


Student Evaluations 

Create and analyze evaluations to enhance your cosmetology program.


Competency Exams

Measure student competency with custom exams that compliment your cosmetology curriculum.