Make it great with Online Booking

Transform the way you conduct services with a web based app that allows regular and walk-in guests to book appointments or add themselves to wait lists. A quick and easy booking process helps your students prepare for upcoming appointments and optimize scheduling times.  Train your students on the latest in technology to enhance the customer experience.


Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Obtain more accurate and complete data when guests can book appointments on the go, from their mobile device. On-screen data capture ensures your guest’s contact information is automatically stored for targeted marketing campaigns.  Choose the guest info you want to capture.





Customize Your Branding & Identity

A customized salon display allows you to choose which services are available to guests who check-in or book appointments online, helping to reduce overlapping appointment times.  Add your cosmetology school logo to make it on-brand.


Optimize Your Options with Choices

Online booking gives guests the freedom to choose their own appointment times and confirm their status without the need to call.   Keeping guests informed in real time encourages higher retention rates, happier guests, and confident students.



Share your salon services to the world.

Make your salon services available to everyone and watch your business grow.  With online booking, Guests can enter their own information and bypass the need to talk with a receptionist or stylist beforehand.  


Give guests the freedom to choose.

Raise walk-In rates and client retention.  Walk-ins are easy for stylists and guests when they can choose available times for same day appointments.  Let guests add themselves to wait lists with our  in-store touch screen kiosk or online.  


Email & Text Confirmations

Online Booking sends email confirmations directly to guests for scheduled appointments and walk-ins. No more wasting time or waiting for clients - stay on time and on track with SchoolVision.

On-Screen Pricing at your fingertips.

Featuring priced on-screen buttons to promote up-sells