Powerful Time Tracking at Your Fingertips

Bio-metric Fingerprint Recognition is faster and easier than ever.  Track staff, students and more anywhere, any time.

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Mobile Clock-Ins

Make it easy for staff and students to start and end shifts from anywhere using Windows® mobile devices, the web app, or a tablet Kiosk at each of your locations.



Custom Formulas

Automatically calculate overtime, hourly rates, tuition costs and more with customized reports to fit local laws, industry requirements and workplace agreements.




Track the location of every clock-in automatically with GPS tracking, PIN codes and Bio-metric Fingerprint Recognition, and be sure students and employees are actually onsite with no buddy-punching.


Easy Reporting

View schedules, time sheets, and more in real-time. Export attendance reports, credit hours, and clock hours with just a few clicks. Choose from over 300 reports or create your own.


Connect to the back office platforms you already use

Escape “copy, paste and cross-reference” insanity. SchoolVision integrates time and attendance with platforms you already use, so that you get more accurate reporting and can process payroll, disbursements, and compliance reports in a fraction of the time.




Set and forget your schedules

Staff & Students can swap and pick up shifts, set availability, submit time-off requests and view their schedules without emailing, texting or calling.


Avoid over and under staffing 

By integrating with POS and payroll, you can staff shifts according to forecast revenues and stay within your budget.


Update schedules quickly & accurately

Tap your way to error-free schedules.  Automatically share all changes.


Assign tasks to be completed

Make sure critical tasks are done by directly messaging staff and students on screen through our software portal.


Put an end to costly communication issues

Whether contacting a single student — or hundreds at once — communication is easier with SchoolVision.


Send notifications directly 

Reach any or every student with built-in, unmissable notifications.


Share updates & alerts 

Post updates, scheduling changes and more.


Be confident in your message 

Get confirmations from students and faculty, and know without a doubt.

Painless for you to manage. Easy for staff to use.

With cloud based access, designate administrators to tasks that take up too much of your time.