Point of Sale designed for Cosmetology Schools

Simplify the way you move money throughout every part of your school, from student-run services to retail sales.  Track anything and everything to meet your school's compliance needs, with the peace of mind that should come from your software system.



Easy to use Point of Sale screen

SchoolVision's clean and simple interface makes it easy for school faculty, staff and students to manage transactions quickly and efficiently. 


Integrated Credit Card Processing

SchoolVision seamlessly integrates credit card, debit card and gift card processing without the need for a third party application. 



Simplified Reporting with email

Schedule to automatic detailed reports by email to teachers, faculty and administrators with the information they need. 



Customization for industry schools

SchoolVision receipt printers can automatically print detailed tickets with purchase history, appointment history and customized disclaimers or customer messages.


Connect to the back office platforms you already use

SchoolVision integrates Point of Sale with platforms you already use, so that you get more accurate reporting and can process payroll, disbursements, and compliance reports in a fraction of the time.


Set and forget your 90/10 transactions 

Transactions should be handled the same way across every campus: the same fees levied, prices charged, and payments accepted. Often, each campus uses separate systems to track their sales. With multiple systems, data can be inconsistent, harder to analyze, and may require multiple integrations with financial aid/student management, inventory control and accounting systems. With SchoolVision, one POS system can connect all transactions across all campuses and departments, unifying transactions and simplifying the way you manage money.


Track Product & Retail Sales

By integrating with Timeclock, you can staff shifts according to forecast revenues and stay within your budget.


Track Student Services

For those schools catering to students and guests alike, SchoolVision allows you to track both guest tickets and transactions. 


Secure Payment Processing

Credit Card PCI Compliance & Chip-And-Pin Technology
SchoolVision incorporates leading vendors from the payment processing industry to protect transactions with zero exposure to credit card numbers being stolen, point to point encryption and full chip-and-pin integration.

Compliance made easy.

Utilize revenue allocation the right way with SchoolVision rewards- No Cards to buy, no transaction fees


Student rewards

Encourage Up-selling & Sharpen Skills

Replace commissions to students or staff with the option to reward their sales.  Product and service sales are automatically tracked, assigned as points, calculated into dollars and stored in individual accounts to use on products.  Learn More


Guest rewards

Increase loyalty and retention

Reward your guests as unique way to stand out from the rest.  Provide a seamless, fast and easy way for guests to earn loyalty points with customized earning levels based on your desired preference.   Learn More

Data capture the way you need it.

Choose the guest data you need, without the hassle. 


 Self Check-In Kiosk

Store guest signatures and liability waivers digitally with a kiosk that includes on-screen signature capture as a required part of the check-in process.  

 Learn More


 Online Booking

 Transform the way you conduct services with a web-based app that allows your regular and walk-in guests to book appointments or add themselves to wait lists. Send email confirmations directly to guests for scheduled appointments and walk-ins.

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Digital Menuboard

Guests stay updated with a live-view monitor.  Maintain your own advertising on the menu board that you can update anytime from anywhere.  Help students prepare for upcoming appointments and optimize appointment times with real time tracking.

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