Put Your Guests Back in Control

SchoolVision’s Self Check-In Kiosk puts each customer at the center of the entire process, from check-in to check-out. Interactive kiosks engage customers immediately, capture pertinent information, use logic to determine the reason for their visit, and provide an estimated wait time. Guests can also choose to receive updates via text, empowering them to choose how and where they wait.






100% cloud-based software-as-a-service solution, which means we manage the queue so your business can focus on what it does best.





Keep Everyone Informed

Keep customers constantly apprised of their status in the queue with lobby display monitors and/or cell phone options. Empowered, informed waiters are happy waiters. 


Signature Capture

Your school requires all guests to sign liability waivers, so why not store their signatures digitally? SchoolVision’s kiosk includes on-screen signature capture as a required part of the check-in process.


Minimal Effort, Major Outcomes

Minimize data entry error like transposed digits and messy handwriting- When customers input their own info via touchscreen, you can rest assured knowing you will receive accurate, clean data direct from the source.  Guest/Customer contact data is worth its weight in gold, but that’s just a fraction of the stats SchoolVision collects. The Self-Check-In Kiosk can also help determine and plan for peak times, identify bottlenecks and personalize service based on profiles.



Notifications for Managers and Admins 

SchoolVision is designed to keep both users and administrators happy and informed. Managers can configure thresholds for wait times and receive notifications whenever that limit is met. This ensures that the people responsible for customer service quality are always in the loop and have the data to identify patterns or problems. Administrators can use collected data to justify resource allocation and make necessary adjustments to scheduling or workload.


Customized Branding

Customize your display to show off the services and products you want guests to select. Add your school’s logo to the welcome screen and choose the guest information you would like to capture.