SchoolVision has one mission: to expand your school by connecting, integrating and centralizing information about every interaction.

Connect your campus by tracking every transaction from money, time, inventory, and grades.

Integrate seamlessly with your student management system and learning management systems, accounting and payroll.

Centralize information from all systems across departments, programs, campuses and geography. 

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Learning Management Systems

Before: Learning management systems (LMS) connect students and instructors to the content, assignments, tests and evaluations that drive the academic process.

After: Your LMS now incorporates not just the academic activities built into the syllabus, but attendance, participation, and rubric-based evaluations captured by SV.

Student Management Systems

Before: Student management systems (SMS) help your students matriculate to school, manage their financial aid and other funds, increase SAP, decrease drops, track graduation and connect with alumni.

After: SV connects critical measures to help each of these stages through it’s learning enhancements: biometric timeclocks for clock-hour programs; integrated point of sale and inventory systems to ensure the right books are in hand for the start of class; up-to-date attendance management to identify students who may be falling behind; and portals to keep students, instructors, staff and alumni connected to the school.


Before: Transactions run through disparate point of sale systems across campuses—from cafeterias, to bookstores, to cosmetology clinics, to the bursar’s office—often with no easy way to seamlessly link them to the back-office financials system. Further, new next generation payment networks, like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and others, continue to multiply, making accepting every one and maintaining PCI compliance harder than ever.

After: Whether they come from SV’s POS or another point of sale, SV’s integration suite can connect all of these transactions to a common accounting integration framework. Wherever payments are taken, SV can provide a common chip-and-pin/EMV ready solution that stays up to date, eliminates most of the PCI compliance burden and integrates next generation payments across every department and every transaction.

Payroll & HRMS

Before: Tracking faculty and staff time and payroll has always been difficult. With distance learning, externships, non-standard schedules and off-campus faculty abounding in this new cloud-enabled world, you a time and attendance system that not only serves the students, but the faculty and staff as well.

After: Every SV biometric timeclock system can manage both student attendance as well as their faculty and staff. Rounding and other rules can be defined down to the job, location, or time of day. From home or off-campus every faculty member can login securely, tracked to the same level of integrity as the on-campus timeclocks. All employee attendance is directly integrated to many of the leading HRMS and payroll companies automatically as well as visible real-time to faculty and staff in the SV Portal.

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