Enhance Your Learning Environment

SchoolVision enhances your existing learning technology by capturing transactions, attendance, inventory, and grading and then seamlessly flowing that information into the systems that need it. Here are a few examples:



Classroom timeclocks

For many programs, both clock hour and credit hour, tracking attendance is just the beginning. Now you can automate roll-call and track that each student arrived and departed class on-time, securely with a fingerprint. 


Live in-class feedback

In classrooms, mobile evaluations enable students to answer questions from their mobile device, instructors to evaluate student performance and students to peer-evaluate presentations with immediate feedback


Cosmetology and Massage Clinics

Cosmetology, massage and other programs often serve the public, or other students, with services and products. SV’s point of sale system captures not only the transaction, but includes full student scheduling, appointment booking, and guest retention solutions to build your clinic business.


Tool bays & Dispensaries

Track every tool, every supply, every item, automatically.

Mechanical programs use more expensive, sensitive tools and supplies than ever before. This makes all the more important tracking who checked out which tool, when it was returned, the condition it was returned and when it needs maintenance. SV conveniently and securely manages serialized, bar-coded inventory; bulk inventory; dispensed supplies and consumables from one unified interface and all secured by a fingerprint. Alerts can be set for items that are not returned, are returned in sub-par condition and those requiring maintenance—and then automatically received by email.



Rubric-based grading

Consistent evaluations of any activity

Complex activities with subjective measures persist across campuses. Using rubric-based grading to evaluate students consistently adds fairness and comparability across campuses, instructors and repeated performance of the activity. Whether an instructor is grading a paper, observing transmission service on a diesel engine, evaluating a complex hair color service, confirming a successful dental filling or witnessing a simulated nursing procedure, SV’s mobile grading system makes entering, implementing and aggregating these rubric-based grades easy, portable and secure.